What is an escort in reality?

There are opposite opinions around the concept of “escort” in society. Young, slender girls and mature, chubby ladies engage in this activity. Why does this service exist? Often, German people in business are forced to attend various events due to the nature of their activities, such as business meetings, banquets, and dinner parties. Etiquette dictates a companion’s presence at these events, but not everyone has a wife or a permanent partner. According to the unwritten rules of decency, an attractive person should be next to a man at social events.

Working as an escort

An escort is a girl who works in a VIP escort agency in Frankfurt and accompanies special persons; she is:

  • exquisitely dressed;
  • knows much about styles and fashion trends;
  • knows etiquette;
  • knows how to talk on general topics (art, social events, news);
  • looks decent, without a touch of vulgarity.

An escort girl work includes:

  • participating at a social event, on a trip;
  • decent behavior;
  • ability to maintain a conversation;
  • playing a certain role (bride in love, girlfriend).

The client pays for the bills for hotel accommodation, meals in a restaurant, and travel.

Girls receive fees for accompanying men on trips, at various meetings, negotiations, presentations, and banquets.

Escorts are not callgirls

There are many stereotypes about how girls become escorts. However, in reality, everything is more complex. Girls often become escort models not because of poverty or lack of other ways to earn money but because of their free will and desire.

Escorting can be very beneficial for young women who want to have financial independence and control over their lives. Unlike working in restaurants or supermarkets, models can earn significantly more quickly.

Additionally, working in this field can provide access to new opportunities and experiences, as Germany is one of the central countries in Europe’s economy and political life. Many clients are successful people who are willing to pay for the company of a beautiful and intelligent woman at a business meeting or reception.

However, escort girls should not be confused with call girls. These are entirely different professions. Call girls generally have no control over their work and can find themselves in dangerous situations. At the same time, escort models work only with verified clients and have the opportunity to refuse an offer if they don’t like something.

Working as an escort model can be challenging and requires patience and people skills. However, for many girls, this becomes a wonderful way to earn money and gain new opportunities in life.