Top 3 things women want men to know about sucking the breast

One of the most sexual parts of a female body is the breast, and men find it exciting. They always want to see it, touch it; some even want to nibble on it. However, these believe is not the same with other men. Some men find the boobs for the child alone, and they only want to focus on the vagina. Nonetheless, sucking the breast is as interesting for ladies as having penetration sex.

reality kings - Top 3 things women want men to know about sucking the breast

On the other hand, sometimes women feel the need for their men to understand the proper ways to suck the breast. However, it should be noted that sucking the breast is not the same as sucking the juice out of an orange, and it’s not the same as licking a melon. There are techniques involved, and some men are not calm enough to learn from the body owner. 

People always watch scenes from reality kings porn videos, seeing when nipple sucking is involved. It’s such that the lady enjoys every moment of it, almost the same feeling with clitoris stimulation. So, it means there are ways ladies want their breasts sucked, and this could help them orgasm faster, even before penetration.

Ideal ways to suck a woman’s breast 

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when sucking your woman’s breast:

Be soft and gentle: 

The breast is not the same as the vagina. When having penetration sex, you can decide to be fast and rough. But when it comes to sucking the breast, you need to be as gentle and soft as possible. You might want to start massaging the breast and nipples first before using your tongue on the nipple. This will help her relax and be as attentive as possible. Sucking the nipple and fondling them gently is one of the most exciting relaxations you can give your woman, and if done right and long enough, she might orgasm.

Her breast size doesn’t determine the pleasure: 

There’s nothing like the larger the breast, the faster the orgasm or, the more enjoyable the sucking, No! Her breast size doesn’t determine the orgasm; the attention you give to them determines how fast and how well she enjoys the ride. So, ensure you pay rapt attention to her body, her moans, and her instructions. You might hold the breast in a specific position, and she mutters words like “yeah, just like that,” which means you should continue with what you are doing, and she’s enjoying it just the way it is. Her body is hers, and she alone understands how she wants to be pleasured; all you need do is focus and be attentive. You can see reality kings porn for more practice on how to suck the breast effectively. 

Do not apply your teeth unless she wants it: 

This is undoubtedly going to be a disaster if you do it without her consent. Do not bite her nipple when sucking her breast; you only need your tongue and lips when sucking the breast and not your teeth. The only time you are allowed to bite her nipple is when she allows it or asks for a soft bite. And yes! It’s a soft bite, not like you are about to chew a pack of gum.