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Many couples should not be together anymore. Sad report. But true. Others are lulled into the illusion that a woman is waiting for us somewhere ready to accept us as we are. “Be yourself,” “do not worry it’ll come someday.” Reinforced in their blindness, inaction settles in the lives of those who take refuge behind these adages.


Everything starts like this. The one who refuses to see closes in his convictions.

Start by observing what kind of man attracts the women you love. The goal is not to copy them, but the observation always gives you valuable clues.

Be honest with yourself. Know where you’re going from

After observing others, turn to you. Observe yourself and be honest with yourself, this is one of the keys. Indeed, the blindness, which protects us and reassures us in the short term, locks us in the long term in a mediocrity that today no longer disturbs many people.

The next time you are caught in the act of lying or self-deception, stand back and accept the truth. Get used to doing that. It’s probably one of the most difficult parts. Accept who you are. It’s the starting point.

Know your life project. It may seem to some people, but knowing what you want and why you want it in life is one of the main stages in a man’s life. Think about the dreams you had as a child or those buried. You can realize them. Start slowly, but start. It will save you from a midlife crisis.

Know what you like about a woman

What kind of woman do you like? Ask yourself the question, and especially observe to avoid having answers to the big brown style.

For example, choosing the brides at you can’t use such important traits, for example, quality of the skin, the softness of her voice, very great femininity, sensitive to poetry (not to poems, but to the poetry of life) and intelligence. But you can use a lot of other options.

Look after your image

Now you have to get rid of all the values of the man you are. Send the signal that you are interesting and intelligent: your clothes (yes, from now on you will choose your clothes with intelligence ), your skin, your attitude, your approach, your style to the writing … The appearance is all that emanates of you and your choices.

Go to the places you like

You will be more likely to find the women you like. Surely the most important factor for finding women you will enjoy. Some people complain that they never find suitable women. There is only to look at the places they frequent. This is a fairly common mistake.

These are the matters that you will be looking forward to when it comes to the perfect options for the perfect bride. The search goes perfect and there come to the essential options there. Then there are a number of options as well that you will need to be perfect here. This is where you will be having the best options now and that too without any kind of opportunities.