Bondage toys guide for beginners

If you have a kinky whistle then we can get it to be wet for you with a pervy enough and somewhat brief guide.

A couple of questions can be dealt with from the beginning. For instance, something that restrains a person to some degree and is made of metal (perhaps better to have it as stainless steel) is referred to as metal bondage. And this is one of the bondage toys that couples can use if they consent to BDSM. However, there are really a lot of materials apart from stainless steel and metal that can be chosen from.

The truth is that there are many reasons why metal is quite popular in bondage toys and even sounding toys. To start with they are pretty easy to sterilize and clean. Some people just love the feeling in general. You can also use them for temperature play. Some people equally love the heaviness that they have. What is more, they can be insanely adorable and they are very strong and therefore more restrictive.

You need to beware of the cheap stuff when it comes to buying bondage toys and sounding toys. This is because most of the cheap bondage toys that you see are really plated in nickel and your body just might not be used to nickel. When it comes to bondage toys that would give you the best experiences then you should invest in the stuff that is good.

The good stuff in bondage toys are usually stainless steel that is medical grade, similar to the type that hospitals make use of. However, this is not all you should take note of when you are buying good bondage toys or sounding toys. You should also study the parts of the bondage toys that are made from other materials like wood, plastic, leather, and so on. Ensure that their quality is equally good. 

If you want to get top quality sounding toys and bondage toys you would need to find reliable sellers both online and off line. As long as the sellers are into metal bondage, BDSM metal, BDMS irons, and dungeon iron they would be able to give you what you want. So consider coming to our shop Pleasures N’ Treasures, when next you want to buy bondage toys in Canada.

The kinds of bondage toys that are available are numerous. You can get any and all of the following as metal and stainless steel:

  • Head cages
  • Medical play devices
  • Urethral sounds
  • Mouth gags
  • Full body cages
  • Bondage locks
  • Switches (instead of wood)
  • Confinement bras
  • Lip and tongue pressers
  • Fist mitts
  • Collars
  • Shackles
  • Butt plugs
  • Dildos
  • Yokes
  • Spreader bars
  • Handcuffs
  • Nipple clamps
  • Clothespins
  • Breast torture camps
  • Female chastity belts
  • Cock cages
  • Anal hooks 

The list is actually endless and it is only limited by your imagination and the budget you have for the bondage toys and sounding toys.Next you might want to think about is cleaning your bondage toys. Other people can actually share your bondage toys and sounding toys with you because they can be cleaned easily. All you need to do is to place them in a UV germ killer, sterilize them by rubbing diluted bleach or alcohol, putting them in the dishwasher, or soaking them in hot water, and so on.