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Many couples should not be together anymore. Sad report. But true. Others are lulled into the illusion that a woman is waiting for us somewhere ready to accept us as we are. “Be yourself,” “do not worry it’ll come someday.” Reinforced in their blindness, inaction settles in the lives of those who take refuge behind these adages.


Everything starts like this. The one who refuses to see closes in his convictions.

Start by observing what kind of man attracts the women you love. The goal is not to copy them, but the observation always gives you valuable clues.

Be honest with yourself. Know where you’re going from

After observing others, turn to you. Observe yourself and be honest with yourself, this is one of the keys. Indeed, the blindness, which protects us and reassures us in the short term, locks us in the long term in a mediocrity that today no longer disturbs many people.

The next time you are caught in the act of lying or self-deception, stand back and accept the truth. Get used to doing that. It’s probably one of the most difficult parts. Accept who you are. It’s the starting point.

Know your life project. It may seem to some people, but knowing what you want and why you want it in life is one of the main stages in a man’s life. Think about the dreams you had as a child or those buried. You can realize them. Start slowly, but start. It will save you from a midlife crisis.

Know what you like about a woman

What kind of woman do you like? Ask yourself the question, and especially observe to avoid having answers to the big brown style.

For example, choosing the brides at you can’t use such important traits, for example, quality of the skin, the softness of her voice, very great femininity, sensitive to poetry (not to poems, but to the poetry of life) and intelligence. But you can use a lot of other options.

Look after your image

Now you have to get rid of all the values of the man you are. Send the signal that you are interesting and intelligent: your clothes (yes, from now on you will choose your clothes with intelligence ), your skin, your attitude, your approach, your style to the writing … The appearance is all that emanates of you and your choices.

Go to the places you like

You will be more likely to find the women you like. Surely the most important factor for finding women you will enjoy. Some people complain that they never find suitable women. There is only to look at the places they frequent. This is a fairly common mistake.

These are the matters that you will be looking forward to when it comes to the perfect options for the perfect bride. The search goes perfect and there come to the essential options there. Then there are a number of options as well that you will need to be perfect here. This is where you will be having the best options now and that too without any kind of opportunities.

Taste the Fineness of Your Desires with the best Escorts

Whether we receive or give, passivity is the enemy of pleasure. The movements of a caressing or responding body should be akin to a dance. They can be fluid, sometimes mild, sometimes intense, or barely perceptible, but should always be present. The movements of the body allow being much more receptive. They also express which caresses arouse the most pleasure and allow asking even more.

In contrast, the fear of moving and expressing one’s desire or pleasure slows the onset of excitement. Surrender to the movement of the body awakens ideas, emotions and thoughts, and even more desire.

Get out of bed and horizontal

We all too often forget that we can also make love standing, squatting on a chair, on a sofa or curled up in cushions. You can also explore the back of the body, the hollow of the arms, the “tender” thighs. To obtain books like the classic 101 positions of love can serve as inspiration and subtly to understand to his partner that one would like more fantasy. When overcoming his embarrassment, the register of positions can become surprisingly broad. But we must remember that it is not acrobatics that is sought after, but creative exploration. With the time with San Jose escorts you can expect the best returns now.

Vary the schedule

Why not make love in the afternoon (and, if necessary, tell children not to disturb mom and dad during their “nap”)? Or in the morning when the testosterone level of man is at its peak (having taken care to set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier)? With age, the male biological rhythm would also be more favorable to morning relationships than evening ones.

In want of desire?

The breakdown of desire would represent 40% of sexologist’s consultations! The causes are many, but fortunately the solutions too. For a round of the question, see the article Desire breathless.

The routine can slowly kill desire and pleasure. Fantasy is an excellent antidote. It is important that both partners show openness, trust and abandon in a spirit of play. But they must also feel respected and not put undue pressure on each other. It’s fun that counts, not performance.

Understanding the Perfect Options for the Dating Tips

In order to learn to easily meet and seduce girls do not need to be a superhero or a movie star. But for this it is not enough just to learn to communicate freely, you still need to know some basic rules of a pickup truck that work in any situation. Well, or almost any. For the Real Love Dating Tips this is the best deal now.Psychologists recommend following the tips below, which can make it easier to get acquainted with any girl in any setting.

Read carefully and memorize, so you don’t get lost when you have to hook up the girl you like:

  1. Any girl will be very pleased if a nice young man talks to her. But it is he who will speak, and will not begin to trite to “stick.”
  2. Before you talk to a girl, it is advisable to let her see herself. Do not jump out of your desire to meet from behind, it can scare. Make it so that she drew her attention to you and saw you well. Casually look at her. Very well, if you can smile at her, disposing to yourself on a subconscious level even before the start of communication.
  3. If she smiled in response, and yes even straightened her hair or showed other signs of obvious interest, then you can begin the acquaintance. Which at least should let you get her phone number?
  4. It is very good to begin communication with a compliment, which should be sincere and original. Praise her hair or say, for example: “The colors of the handbag and shoes are very interesting, it looks just great.” Believe me that she has a cool chest she knows herself.
  5. The easiest way to start a conversation – just looks around and notice something interesting, comment on it. Everything should be natural and the topic of conversation for two people who are not yet familiar should come from their surroundings – admire the beauty of the yellowing leaves, see the poster – take an interest in her impressions of the film, the play, ask if you should go and see, find out its opinion. Learn her preferences. Admire the fact that she is so versed in any topic.
  6. Not bad for familiarity with the phrase: “We are here arguing with a girlfriend”, “What do you think, who lies more – men or women?”, “I need your feminine opinion on such a question”, or in the store: “Hello, this is the first time I buy this and I want to ask you for advice” etc. etc.
  7. The worst phrase for dating, “Girl, can I meet you?” Show fantasy. After all, you’re just a great guy, cute, interesting and extraordinary. Of course, you can also use homemade blanks, but it is always much better to improvise.
  8. Do not delay the first conversation. Tell her that you need to run on some urgent matters, but you would very much like to continue communicating with such a pleasant interlocutor. Ask for her phone number, set a time and place to meet. How to like on a date, you can read here.