BangBros Porn: The Original and Still the Best?

BangBros porn

We’re fast entering an era where it’s practically impossible to be taken aback by anything the porn sector has to offer. Irrespective of how adventurous or outlandish it is, it’s most likely something that has already been done to death.

Advances in technology have made it possible for anyone wishing to do so to shoot their own semi-profession porn clips at home and share them with the world. With nothing but a smartphone, you can easily achieve the kinds of production values that weren’t even possible for the pros as recently as the early 90s. 

Whether or not this is a positive thing is a case of personal opinion. Though it has to be said that it not only makes you think, but also gives you a newfound appreciation for the pioneers who transformed the face of adult entertainment.

Start With a Bang 

BangBros Porn is a legendary name on the scene, attracting millions of viewers from all over the world each day. But what makes BangBros such an icon is not its success today, but its backstory and legacy.

For anyone who wasn’t around to enjoy the BangBus Network in its heyday, it all started with a few guys and a van. 

Pretty much everything BangBus spearheaded back in the day has since been imitated and copied by thousands of other sites. Nevertheless, BangBus did it first, and arguably better than any have done it since.

Originally launched in late 2001, BangBus was designed to be (or at least a look) as real as it gets. Three guys in their twenties – the driver, the cameraman and the a former – would cruise the streets of Miami in their van, in hoping to persuade women to help out with the ‘documentary’ they were shooting.

This would lead to flirting, followed by cash being offered to remove pieces of clothing and the inevitable sucking and fucking to follow. Much of the entertainment with BangBus was attributed to the fact that the hardcore action taking place inside the van would usually be happening just a few feet away from bystanders, completely oblivious to what was going on.

When the scene was shot (and so was the guy doing the business), they would more or less kick the woman out of the van and drive away. All with the intent of finding another willing female to assist them with their next scene.

Was BangBus Really Real?

It was the fact that BangBus felt so real that made it such a hit. The fact that it was unpolished an almost amateurish in some instances only made it even more appealing.

Truth is, we may never really know whether what took place was scripted in meticulous detail or otherwise. The women involved could have been paid actresses, or may genuinely have been strangers willing to have sex with guys they’ve never met before on camera.

Common sense dictates it’s probably the former of the two, but still – BangBus set the scene for a thousand imitators to follow.